Perhaps they’re not villains, only misunderstood?


Lizbeth colored

Liz E

Element:  Water  Weapon:  Telekenisis  Transport:  Pirate Ship  Aura:  Rose

This villainous lady works with a band of pirates ravaging the Coastal lands. Although soft-hearted, her love for adventure keeps her involved with some dangerous company.

Erin Beauty

Element:  Water  Weapon:  Nature Telekinisis  Transport:  Vines  Aura:  Turquoise

This lady, from Caverns Deep, keeps to herself and tends not to meddle in the affairs of her people .. unless wreaking some sort of spiteful havoc.  Her people call her a Fairy Sprite because of her playful, yet mischievous demeanor.  Even though she likes to cause trouble, it’s only in the light of fun … however she ends up being quite helpful in the battles against darkness.



Element:  Water  Weapon:  Electric Drumstick Blades  Transport:  Travel through electric currents  Aura:  Blue/purple

He’s skilled with the drums and beats and can kick some ass as long as he gets something for it in return.  Dyno acts as a solitary mercenary, taking any job regardless of it’s moral consequences .. so long as he gets something valuable in return.


The Beach

Element:  Wind  Weapon:  Influence  Transport:  Phasing  Aura:  Black

This skillful assassin is a cause to be feared among many.  He was captured and experimented on by Govcor years ago and forced to do their bidding.  Govcor uses him for special missions that need to be dealt with carefully.  No one sees the Beach and lives to tell about it.  If you see a man with a black suit and a sly grin on his face, you might want to run!