The Rebellion against darkness in hopes for a better future.



Element:  Water  Weapon:  Chakra energy  Transport:  Air ship  Aura:  pink

Kris is the leader of the Rebellion.  A very strong woman who gains power from the feminine, Kris as learned to harness energy from her surroundings and channel it through her body.  She studies the occult and sacred geometry- through this she formed an energy channel through her hand via a sacred tattoo.  Kris embodies the essence of being a woman.  She has a very playful nature, but is also very protective of those dear to her.  She unknowingly becomes the leader of the Rebellion because of her strength and willingness to bring people together to face their fears in the Darkness.



Element:  Fire Weapon:  Sword  Transport:  Flight  Aura:   Green

Although this woman is specifically tied to the Rebellion against Govcor, she has her hand in many baskets, making her a valuable ally in making the world a better place.



Element:  Fire (Earth) Weapon:  Fire arrow launcher  Transport:  50s sleek escarole car  Aura:  yellow

This classy lady travels around in her sleek escarole fighting mutants and protecting the Rebellion.  She’s handy with the fire arrow launcher attached to her car.


Darla Jean

Element:  Earth  Weapon:  Sling shot that shoots stars  Transport:  Bicycle  Aura:  Blue

Darla Jean, an independent woman who has many strong ideas in how to make the world a better place.  With her help, perhaps the Rebellion can win over darkness and find peace on Earth.



Element:  Air  Weapon:   Nunchaku/ multi-gadget Transport:  Rocket shoes  Aura:  Blue

Airon finds himself collaborating with the rebellion by happenstance.  When he finds a lost teleporter, and uses it, he finds himself in the company of a group of people travelling the lands trying to relieve corruption from the people’s hands.  Not only does Airon believe in the cause, but he feels this is a great opportunity to continue the search for his missing brother.


Alex T

Element:  Earth  Weapon:  Katana  Transport:  Dragon  Aura:  Yellow

This giant of a man was one of the many who joined Kris in the early stages of the Rebellion.  He has been a strong protector of the cause.  Alex befriended a large mutated lizard, known as a dragon, years ago when stranded in the Wilds, and the two are inseparable.



Element:  Plant  Weapon:  Green Thumb  Transport:  Feet  Aura:  Green

Jep left the city sanctuaries years ago in search of ‘something more.’  He has since settled down by himself in the Wilds, cultivating the land and learning of its healing powers.  Although nobody has been able to grow crops for food since the Destruction, Jep has been working on healing the land and growing edible foods.  Because of his recent success, he has become a target of Govcor.  Jep is also an alchemist and herbalist, and plays a valuable role in the story.


K Huff

Element:  Earth  Weapon:  Polyglot  Transport:  Air ship  Aura:  Green

Another who believes in the cause of the Rebellion.  Her skill in polyglot tends to be very useful in the battles against darkness.  She is able to speak any language, including those of animals.  She has even been known to subdue mutants who weren’t too far along in their mutations.