Project Eden …

A mysterious group of people. .


IV and her Dragon

Second picture colored by the talented Kelsey Regan


Element: Earth  Weapon: Voice  Transport: Mina  Aura: Red

I.V. is one of the more prominent characters in Manifest.. Of course, she’s based off me!  I.V. stands for Inner Voice.  She represents the angel/demon that sits on everyone’s shoulders.  She represents the intent behind the actions of other characters to some degree.  She rides around on a living dragon motor cycle friend named Mina.  She appears randomly throughout the book, but her influence is beyond random.   I.V. represents the light and shadow within all of our inner most beings.


perl real


Element: Water  Weapon: Ice pistol  Transport: Teleport  Aura: Purple

Perl is somewhat of an undercover agent.  However, no one is really sure where she gets her orders from. . Some just call it intuition.  Perl is a blunt, outspoken woman who goes after what she wants – and gets it!  She’s not a pushover and can kick some serious ass.  This woman plays a vital role in some major events that surround the story line of Manifest, and is the first to appear in the story on a very important mission.  Shes based off my bestie Perdita!



Element: Earth  Weapon: Sword Luna Transport: Teleportation Aura: Purple

A troubled past, she has endured the trials and tribulations to become a hero of justice. Living her days in City Heart Remaining, she keeps her eyes open to protect the innocent. She works with a group called Project Eden who hope to restore humanity to itself.  Based off my ‘lil sis’ Carmen 🙂



Element:  Earth  Weapon:   Swords/Telepathy  Transport:   Random   Aura:  Green

Jackie lives in City Heart Remaining, delivering any found files and useful information about the population to Project Eden.  She is a great organizer and helps the Project keep records of how people are surviving to aid in the development of a better world without the use of experiments and weapons.