for those not belonging to a particular group..


A.S. #313 (Seven)

Element: water (earth/electricity)  Weapon: life twists  Transport:  feet  Aura:  Yellow

Seven plays the role of the inquirer.  He asks all the questions – being new to the world – so that the reader can understand and experience the story better.  He was frozen in time since 2012.. just before the apocalypse.  The experiments conducted on him gave him the ability to either heal or kill using his own life force.  He’s unique in that the night doesn’t affect him, rather he chooses among light and dark willingly.  Not knowing his true name, he is called Seven because he is the only known survivor of the group of seven individuals who come from the past.  A.S.313 is the coding written on his cryo-chamber, but it is the only remnant left of his past.  He has a serpent/dragon tattoo that wraps around his chest and eats it’s tail at his heart.  This character plays a vital role in the outcome of the story.  Choices do matter.


summer ic


Element:  Air  Weapon:  Bow/Fists  Transport:  Wings/ black convertible  Aura:  Blue

Orphaned as a child, she was taken in by Liza and “healed” of her major wounds. As a result she gained the ability to grow wings. A strong woman; she is a a survivor accompanied by her Mastiff, Zeus.



Element:  Earth  Weapon:  Herbal Medicines  Transport:   Feet/ Wolf  Aura:  Green

Dani and her son Shane are a major symbol of hope for humanity in Manifest.  Due to the radiation and Govcor’s experiments, it is very hard for women to get pregnant and even harder to keep their children.  Therefore, the mother and son live in the forest away from any civilization in fear of Govcor’s exploitation.  Because of this situation, Dani and Shane have been able to grow as one with the forest and even befriend a wolf who acts as guardian to Shane.


Ryan Cooley

Element:  Fire  Weapon:  Flame Thrower/Bombs  Transport:  Jetpack  Aura:  Red/Blue

This gadget savvy whiz-kid knows her way around anything mechanical. She plays a useful role in this steampunk world, helping to bring the reader into the workings of Manifest.  Through her experience the reader finds out what night brings to the world and how people cope. Ryan Cooley provided the first inspiration for this comic thanks to her awesome hair cut, which I had to draw!



Element:  Air Weapon: Machine Gun Transport: Steamjet  Aura: Orange

Ryan and Tarryn meet in the beginning of Manifest and are pretty much a duo for the remainder of the book.  He is a gypsy traveler mercenary guy who flies around in his steam jet he built from scraps.  He seems a little irritated and crazy when he first appears, but he’s really just a big teddy bear.  His shadow is anger and he becomes quite a brute at night, so he carries around a ball and chain to weigh himself down so as not to hurt others.



Element:  Lightning  Weapon:  Two hand saber with brass sidearm pistol  Transport:  Steel Horse  Aura:  Blue

This very mysterious character seems only to appear when the time is right.  Not much is known about him, but he can sometimes be seen riding the waves of the sky on his steel horse.  People have been known to call him the last of the four horsemen, but his intentions are much more benign than perceived.



Element:  Darkness  Weapon:  Freezing people (in time)  Transport:  Flight  Aura:  Black

Another mysterious character, not much is known about him except for the fact that Govcor has been after him since he was born, yet he has managed to avoid them to this day.  Perhaps he will be a useful ally in the battles to come.



Element:  Stars  Weapon:  Rubber Mallet  Transport:  Pumped up 70’s van  Aura:  Gold Stars

Comfort: a stereotypical anime comic relief justice banker that delivers gold stars to those who do good deeds.  He travels in his live-in van and lives off pastries.  Nobody knows this, but he is secretly controlled by the one-eyed teddy bear that lives in his front pocket.