Element:  Air  Weapon:  Handgun, knife, sword, revolver  Transport:  Merchant Airship  Aura:  Blue

Happy is a privateer and the captain of a prominent merchant airship.  He became the head of nearly all local trade and mercenary work – mostly through luck and networking.  Happy has since set up a permanent shop in a giant warehouse complex in City Heart Remaining called “Happy’s Joint.”  Using tech stolen from Govcor, Happy has been able to set up a protective barrier around the complex, making it a safe haven at night for many civilians.  Happy is the go-to guy for any material needs, and is working on figuring out how the ‘stolen technology’ works to increase the protection of those living in City Heart Remaining.


Leo Mac

Leo Mac

Element: Fire  Weapon:  Super Strength  Transport:  Lion  Aura:  Red

My brother wanted to ride a lion, but I thought, wouldn’t it be better to BE a lion!? So he’s a lion cyborg! Super strong and agile, Leo Mac has an interesting story!



Element:  Earth Weapon:  Air gun Transport:  multi-surface skates Aura:  Blue

Found by the great genetic scientist, Liza, years ago.. she has dedicated her life to helping Liza conduct her experiments and create inventions for a more peaceful world.


Second picture colored by the talented Kelsey Regan


Element:  Water Weapon:  Assassin Daggers  Transport:  Mechanical Octopus  Aura:  Pink

This mini Assassin like to roam around Happy’s Joint in her mechanical octopus fighting marauding mutants who stray too close to the territory.  Although quite good with her daggers, she’s known to get herself into a sticky situation every now and then.


Mr. Bass

Element:  Earth  Weapon:  Sonic staff/ martial arts  Transport:  sonic levitation  Aura:  Green

Mr. Bass is a musical man of knowledge.  He seems to know everything there is to know about the world he lives in, and can answer almost any question.  His answers, however, are swirled in smoke.. but he’s not known to be wrong.  This man is a walking wise man of history and knowledge, and like to tell his tales through story and song.  In fact, he has command of song using sonic powers that he channels through his staff.  These days, Mr. Bass spends most of his time filling the corner of Happy’s Joint with smoke and music, keeping an eye on the daily life that surrounds him.