Here are the main locations in Manifest

City Heart Remaining

When humanity started coming back to the surface, most of the past forms of civilization were in ruins.  However, a massive amount of people came together and built a home in the heart of the surrounding major city, to forgo the sanctuaries set-up by Govcor and be out from under their control.  Together they were able to make a life ‘mostly’ protected from the surrounding monsters and the grips of Govcor.

The Oasis

The people of the rebellion were able to find a place of solitude where they could build an army against Govcor.  Only two days air travel from City Heart Remaining, the Oasis is fit with natural spring waters and plenty of cover to protect from the elements and sight.

GovCor Labs

The committee of the New New World Order, and the “founders” of Govcor make their home in this highly guarded fortress.  Surrounded by mutant infested ruins and a giant cliff edge, this nearly impenetrable city breeds thousands of mutants and genetic experiments in hopes of finding ways to combat the radiation caused from the nuclear eradication of the planet (which they caused).  The goal of Govcor is to bring Earth back to it’s previous state, under the control of the Government and corporations.

Caverns Deep

Many types of peoples fled into caves when the ensuing apocalypse was near.  These people were able to survive through the years, living off the land.  They too, however, suffered the consequences of destruction, and must endure highly precarious rituals in order to procreate and survive.  As time went on, multiple tribes were formed, and deeper caverns were inhabited.  Although these people are mostly hidden from sight, they do make occasional contacts with outsiders and even welcome them into their homes.


The majority of the major cities from past civilizations were left in uninhabitable ruins after the destruction.  Govcor has used these ruins as a dumping grounds for their thousands of failed experiments.  Not many people are brave enough to leave the proximity of their sanctuaries and risk travelling through the ruins.

The Wilds

The Wilds refers to any area outside of the cities, or simply put .. the woods.  Believed to be uninhabitable, not much is known about the wilds.

Secret Hollow

Very few people know about this secret gathering place nestled on the mountains peak.  This place is difficult to get to, and even harder to spot from the outside.. which makes it a perfect place for people to meet in secret ..


Buried deep within the Wilds, Eden is a place where a small group of people are working on naturally regrowing the planet for humans to live peacefully.  Although only a select few people live here, the ‘tree town’  has plenty of room to grow, and is secretly being prepared for humanity.

Coastal Lands

During the 300 years after the Destruction, the sea waters rose, submerging the coastal cities and habitats.  Desertification made the new coastal lands nearly uninhabitable many miles inland.  “Pirates” now roam the desert seas digging for supplies, and tend to ‘relieve’ any one they encounter of their goods.