The New New World Order, bent on reviving the world to it’s ‘former glory’ and repeating the vicious cycle.


The ‘People’ of Govcor are feared by many, but are also seen as a means of survival by many more.  Govcor provides food and shelter to the people, which can not be found without risk, hard work and self-sustainability.  Even though Govcor caused the current predicament of the world, they allow the survivors of humanity into their sanctuaries as long as their rules are followed.  In the mean time, Govcor seeks to gain more control by eradicating those who have found ways to prosper without the laws of the Order.  A person of Govcor is known by their lab coat and a breathing mask that covers the entire head to protect against radiation.  It is rumored that the members of Govcor are constantly conducting experiments, even on themselves, to gain more power and control over the planet.


Element:  Fire  Weapon:  Nanotechnology   Transport:  Cata Tank  Aura:   Teal

Liza is a supreme geneticist who created much of the technology used by Govcor against her will.  In certain situations, another’s life becomes more important than one’s own and certain measures need to be taken to protect those we love.  Eventually, however, Liza finds a way to remove herself from the clutches of catastrophe.  She then makes her way out into the world to help fight against that which has held her captive for so long.  Based off my wonderful, strong mother.



Element:  Air  Weapon:  Throwing Knives  Transport:  Space motorcycle  Aura:  Red

Briton provides a valuable insight into Govcor and its processes.  The reader can enter the fortress of Govcor and learn more about their motives from the safety of Briton’s perspective.