Blood runs deep, in Caverns Deep



Lady Crow

Element:  Earth Weapon:   Katana (Poison tipped kakute) Transport:  Midnight Pegasus (Tank) Aura:  Violet

Lady Crow is the leading wise woman of one of the main tribe of cave dwellers.  Having served Govcor in the past, she knows the ins and outs around the ‘foreign technology’ found by the cave tribes around the area.  Her people live off the land in deep caves and have been able to overcome the environmental catastrophies throughout the years.  However, thanks to her, the cave dwellers have been able to introduce useful technology into their lives.



Element:  Earth  Weapon:  Telepathy  Transport:  Eagles  Aura:  Purple

Gabra’elle is one of the three wise women of Caverns Deep Exterior (along with Lady Crow and Raven).  While dedicated to her people, she finds it much more important to join the cause of humanity and leave Caverns Deep



Element:  Electricity  Weapon:  Telekinesis  Transport:  Wings  Aura:  Blue/white

One of the three wise women of Caverns Deep Exterior, she sets off with Gabra’elle to help cull the coming darkness of the planet.



Element:  Water  Weapon:  Warps space/time continuum  Transport:  Water Portals  Aura:  Purple

Pavati is a mysterious shaman-like character who makes her home in deep caverns near bodies of water.  Due to the circumstances of her past, she is able to manipulate water to warp the space/time continuum and create portals.  Although she can only manipulate the Time aspect of her power in order to see into Time, she can travel nearly anywhere there is water, thus being known as a water nymph.



Element:  Fire  Weapon:  Exploding Shurikens  Transport:  Animals  Aura:  Red

Pawala is quite small, and is known by many in her tribe as a forest spirit.  She is very knowledgeable in plants and animals, able to create both venom to kill enemies and medicines to help her people.  She is a strong willed character, and finds it hard to sit idle while the world outside is waged in war.



Element:  Fire  Weapon:  Double Edge Sword/ Machetes  Transport:  Particle Wind Reformer  Aura:   Red

Although born in Caverns Deep, Diana left at a young age to travel the lands.  Now a warrior, explorer, and scholar, Diana has returned to her tribe in lieu of the oncoming war.  Her particular tribe dwells deep in the caverns where giant rock worms plague the crust.  They have learned to harness the creatures strength and live amiably among them.  Because of their position they are a very strong peoples and don’t welcome outsiders lightly.  Perhaps Diana can help convince her people that their aid is required for the survival of all humanity.



Element:  Earth  Weapon:  Bronze Hammer  Transport:  Steampunk Bear  Aura:  Orange

This Bear-like Character is a prime warrior for the people of Caverns Deep, protecting his peoples from mutations and monsters.  His dwarven-like stature and metal arm gives him the ability and strength to travel further into the depths than most people would venture; therefore, he has become a guide of sorts to those who wish to travel the depths.. to other tribes or beyond.