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Dark, Light, Manifest

Within the shadows of our lives’

And in the evening

         With the rise of the Tide

Comes the fall of our hearts

For all who are but wholly pure.


Manifest takes place in the future.  Quite some time after the apocalypse … after WWIII … after the corporations and figureheads destroyed world.

The people began to rebuild themselves and their environment the way it should be done.

Manifest will contain heavy elements of chakras, magic, science, personality, spirituality, astrology, Gods, space, technology, fantasy, steam-punk, cool fight scenes … and of course … the Old World Government trying to create a New World Order. Again.

Every character in the book is based off a real person: Basically, their primal archetype or inner being.  A big part of the story will be the “battle” between good and evil that we face every day within ourselves.  With this comic I want to  convey the beauty of humanity through all the wonderful people I know.





The Rebellion

Cave Dwellers

Project Eden