Welcome to the world of Manifest where the true nature of the Universe and humanity is, well, manifested. ¬†ūüėČ

This site is used as a central hub for all aspects of my business, including my painting and photography services.  Head on over to the appropriate tabs above to view such services!  Otherwise, keep reading for info on my comic, Manifest!

Each character in the comic is based off a real person!  My goal is to speak the truths of the Universe, and show the beauty of humanity in all its forms.

Manifest takes place 300 years in the future, after WWIII. ¬†A fraction of Humanity survived after the world took a devastating blow due to the corruption and greed in today’s society. ¬†Light and Dark exists within all of us, and it is up to us to choose what we will be. ¬†However, the nuclear blows on the Earth depleted the electromagnetic field surrounding it. ¬†So when darkness falls upon the Earth, it also falls upon the hearts of man. ¬†The radiation also bestowed special gifts and mutations among the remaining population. ¬†Govcor (the cause of the initial blowout) has also survived the apocalypse and is constantly trying to retake the Earth. ¬†The duality of nature is consistently remembered. ¬†This is a crazy world filled with magic, supernatural gifts, esoteric thoughts, religious thoughts, universal thoughts, steam-punk ideas, gadgets, cool fight scenes, numerology, astrology, spiritualism, realism, and much much more!

*UPDATE* ¬†The story line is complete!! Remember folks, this is my life-work. ¬†Its going to take years … its a whole Universe, (like Marvelish!) Stay tuned by subscribing to my blog, I’m constantly adding character profiles and Manifest info, as well as other projects that I’m working on.