As I sit here listening to the rain pitter droplets into puddles, I bask in the quietness of naptime.  Its been a ‘hectic’ first few months, but I think we’ve finally settled into a predictable routine.

 Jacob’s birth was an amazing experience: his official due date (Feb 20th) had passed and, although I had been experiencing contractions for weeks, I was fearing I might stay pregnant for weeks yet to come.  I took an extra long walk in the shower (yea you heard me, I was hanging on to the bar), and settled in as well as I could for the night.

At 4 am I got up to pee and I felt that long awaited ‘Gush!  I was elated, nervous, anxious, you name it.  When I got to the bathroom to double check that my water had indeed broken, there was no doubt.  Waters continued to flow down my legs until well after we reached the hospital.  No, I wasn’t dripping it everywhere! But I was waddling around like a duck with a giant towel crammed in between my legs.  We had gotten to the hospital by 5:30am, at which time my contractions were already within five minutes apart and becoming more consistent and strong.  The contractions got worse, tears started to flood my eyes, Breathe! I kept telling myself.  I took what they gave me for the pain, but by the time I received the epidural, I was nearly ready to push.  I should have just declined the spinal at that point, but I only had one thing on my mind and I figured it could do with a little less pain.  Roland’s birth took 36 hours and was far more intense, I could rest a little easier knowing that this time would be far less grueling. 

My body knew what to do; I knew what to expect; and Jacob was ready to enter the world.  At 9:52am he arrived, balls a ‘blazin!  He weighed in at 10 lbs 1 oz healthy as a freshwater clam in unpolluted water.  Rollie and my love were there the whole time as well, cheering me on and being angels. 

It has been three months since that blessed experience, and I finally have the time to sit down and write about it.  Jake is growing like a champ.  He may even outweigh his older brother soon! Its crazy watching people grow.  I look at Rollie now and I see a really small fifteen year old.  Except he’s two.  But he’s a person and he does stuff.  Whoa so crazy! He was just a baby!  I try to take in each moment, because we only have this one chance to live, right now.  There is no time but Now.  Soon this Now will wither and crumple away and a new Now will take its place, built of all the other Nows that have been before. …

There’s a lot on my plate this week!  Most excitingly, I was fortunate enough to be the photographer for the gorgeous wedding of Emily and Parker Pauley!  They got married right on the lake in Summersville, West Virginia .. and we couldn’t ask for better weather.  Weddings are so full of love, I always choke up watching fathers give away their daughters and mothers who couldn’t be more proud!  I’m excited to share those pictures when completed, but for now, enjoy some Baby Jake pics!