Hey there!

Well, I am 38 weeks and four days pregnant today.  I will say I have had my share of mood swings, with the hormones surging, and the unknown, and the waiting game that I don’t like to play, and just my general mentality.  But I am still a happy gal and very excited for what my personal future holds.

Given the political disarray of the country, part of me wants to feel guilty for having a good life.  But I am not.  I served my duty to sorrow and misfortune, and now it is my time to make life what I will.  This isn’t meant to be a political post, but I will say this: This country, hell this society, was founded on political strife and division.  It has not stopped.  The people simply will not stand to be treated lesser than.  So, this system of “the great divide between the rich and the poor” (because that is all it has EVER been) will not last.  I am hopeful for our future as a human species, and I will do my best to live life so that my children can learn of the beauty of the world and make a good life for their selves.  We can change the world with the choices we make.

On that note, we got engaged!  He was already my husband, in spirit and we knew we were going to do the deed eventually.. so nothing has really changed, and I don’t feel too different.  The institution of marriage also isn’t that important to either one of us, so who knows we may never even ‘sign the papers’.  But he got me a ring! and it’s beautiful.  It’s a handcrafted moonstone ring with silver leaf embroidery.  Way better than a diamond in my mind.  The moonstone represents femininity, motherhood, health and protection (especially during childbirth), and happiness for the couple.  Also, I’m a Taurus and very closely associated with the moon!  Adam knows how magical I am, he made a right choice 🙂 Here’s a picture! I’m not wearing it at the moment because my fingers get a little swollen sometimes… and it makes for a better picture …


Other than that, nothing has been going on this week.  I have been waiting for this baby to come, and not much else has been on my mind.

Welp, that’s the story of my week!  Stay tuned for an update next week! Or, hopefully before ..

Thank you everything!